Be Happy! Personal Development Activities

This article will be showing your some personal development activities that may help relieve your stress, make you feel relaxed, forget all your worries and improve yourself into a better person you want to be. This could be really fun! So enjoy!

Act 1: Make list!

This is activity is designed to help develop in any area of yourself you want to improve by developing wonderful habits about those things. This is really simple, you just need to make a list of the things you want to develop, and for example you want to become:

– Organized

– Healthy

– Romantic

– Helpful

Write as many things as you want. Now at the end of each day, check the list and write beside the things that you did would correspond to what is on your list.

For example:

– Organized – arranged my books and reports

– Healthy – jogged for an hour

– Romantic – invited my girlfriend for dinner

– Helpful – helped an old lady crossed the street

Through doing this each day, you will develop all those things that are in your list as a habit, making it always natural for you to do things that are on your list. Time will come that you won’t need the list anymore and you don’t need to think about it, it would just come out of you effortlessly.

Act 2: Bathe in Positivity!

This is the most basic and the most refreshing activity. It’s really simple, you just need to bathe yourself with all the positivity you can get, and you can listen to personal development tapes, self-help books, watching feel-good movies. This is a really an easy activity, but it tremendously affects your mental attitude, and the way you feel.

Act 3: Get fit and live healthy!

Being healthy and fit always make you feel better about yourself; it also helps you in your quest for personal development by giving you more energy to face any undertaking. You don’t get stress easily; your body feels light and easy to move. You can enjoy life more, and your way to improvement becomes easier.

Act 4: Be happy! Smile!

Frowning doesn’t make things better, but laughing does! You don’t believe me? But seriously, research shows that when you laugh, you body produces chemicals called endorphins also known happy hormones are substances that acts like opiates, or gives you a feeling of well-being. Remember that if we are in a good frame of mind, we tend to become more productive.

Act 5: Try new things!

Maybe people tell you that you are always comfortable that you don’t confront new things or challenges, they may be correct. In order to develop yourself, you need to learn to go out of your comfort zone to further discover other strengths and weaknesses.

Act 6: Be in the present!

As there’s past, present and future, you need to be in the present, which is now. Don’t let yourself be trapped in a past failure or experience. Also don’t let yourself be preoccupied on things that lies in the future. Strive on your present; remember only through this will you have a bright future. Remember, your past serves only as a lesson to learn from.

These activities have already been proven to work if taken with seriousness and persistence. So try this out. Enjoy and have all the fun on your quest for personal growth and personal development!

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