I Can Now Craft My Own Personal Development Plan

When we plan a trip we use maps to show us how to get there – when we decide we want to “arrive” at a better, life, then, what better way can we use to get ourselves “there” than a personal development plan? one that says, “I can now” and then we fill in our blank.

Gordon and I believe deeply in the power of planning to achieve our goals. A personal development plan gives you a benchmark to measure your success against. It also lays out some general boundaries about the methods you think you’ll be using to achieve your goals.

While this kind of plan isn’t set in stone – you may discover Yoga or Buddhism along the way and revise your plan to include those practices, that’s where the “I can now” mentality comes in because there are no limits- having the plan in advance will help you stay motivated and on track.

So what should you include in your own personal development plan, and how do you create one overall? The first thing to keep in mind is that this is your plan. This means that, before you create your plan you need to decide your individual goals.

Do you want to live a healthier life? Improve your mindset? Craft a successful career for yourself? How do you want to balance your life between your physical, spiritual, and financial goals and desires?

Because all of these elements are part of any good personal development plan – it’s the balance of these elements that you need to decide on to personalize your plan to your own life. In other words, here are the things we believe belong in any solid plan:

An overall goal. We mentioned this above. To be more specific, though, take the time to write down your overall goal as a positive statement: “I am attaining a life that includes a healthy body, and open, independent mind, and a thriving business that allows me to meet my needs.” And then you can add, “or more than that”.

Next you break down your opening statement into its various parts: healthy body, open, independent mind, and thriving business.

Under each of these parts, create the list of tactics you will use to attain that part of your goal. For example, to achieve a healthy body you will want to create a healthy eating and exercise plan. To open your mind and become a more independent thinker you may choose to read personal development books and try to read the opposing viewpoints on issues that interest you. And of course, you’re going to have a specific list of tasks depending on what specific business you want to create for yourself.

Again, remember that your personal development plan is a living document, not a script of follow-it-to-the-letter instructions. We also don’t think it’s a good idea to focus overly much on one aspect of your life alone in this kind of plan. The personal development plan is about who you want to be as a whole person, not just about improving one area of your life at the expense of the rest.

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