Personal Development Goals – Are You There Yet?

When you think about what you want to achieve in your life you may like to review your personal development goals and assess if you are moving towards them. If you feel that there is still lots to work towards, then that is a good state to be in because if you no longer have something to aim for then life may be rather boring.

But what if you are uncertain about your personal development goals and so are unsure what you are aiming for? You can use the ‘wheel of life’ to determine which parts of your life are not as you would like them to be. This is a circle with each of eight segments labelled with a different aspect of your life such as: work; friends and family; fun and recreation; self care; relationship; spirituality; money and community.

You score each of these in relation to your satisfaction using the outer rim of the circle as 10 and the centre as zero. This will give you as visual representation of your life and which areas you are least and most satisfied with. Then looking at the area with the lowest score you can ask yourself what has to happen for you to score higher that area of your life.

So once you have identified in this way the areas of your life to work on to improve you can work to achieve more of your personal development goals and be more aware of whether or not you are there yet with them.

So what sort of thing will you do to increase your scores in the various parts of your life? Are you successful at work but fail to have a satisfactory relationship with your partner? Or are you contented and happy at home with partner, friends and family but never manage to get the sort of work you really want?

Do you spend most of your time either at work or doing things for others so you never look after your own needs for rest and relaxation? These are the sort of questions you may be asking yourself when you apply the wheel of life to your own situation and then use it to adjust and improve all the parts of your life which have been somewhat neglected.

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