Personal Development Tips – Discover The Power Of Awareness

Raising your level of awareness is one of the most powerful things you can do in your quest for personal development. The story of human development and increasing enlightenment has been one of attaining increasing levels of awareness. Understanding the different aspects of awareness discussed in this article will help you to become more aware!

Awareness is something that is present in many animals – at the most basic level, survival depends on the awareness of the environment. As human beings we have extended the range of awareness to include awareness of ourselves as thinking beings, our role in society and many other areas that make up our sophisticated world.

Awareness of the world around you

This is the most fundamental form of awareness. You need to understand what is happening in the world around you at least at two different levels. The first level is the needs of survival – physical threats, shelter and food. At the next level, you need to understand the trends in the world of human society. These can affect the choices you make in your own life. For example, if you want to make more money, some of the best opportunities are those that are in emerging areas such as the internet.

Awareness of other people

We are social animals who have been able to completely transform the face of the entire planet through co-operative effort. At the core of this effort is the ability to be aware of the needs and desires of other people. While it is relatively easy to be aware of the physical needs of people, it is often much more difficult to be aware of their emotional needs. How often do you really listen enough to hear what people mean rather than what they are saying? Make a commitment to spend more time listening to people.

Awareness of yourself

One of the most shocking truths of today is that so many people go through their lives unaware of themselves and their own physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Do you fully understand why you react in the away that you do? Are you aware how your mind creates your reality?

If you are not aware of yourself and your mind, you will be immersed in whatever is happening, believing that everything that happens in your life is due to outside circumstances. You will also be immersed in the belief that you are a separate person with an ego that needs protecting and nurturing.

If you are aware of yourself and how your minds creates it’s own reality, you will be able to observe what it happening around you with detachment and make rational choices about the best outcome for you and everyone else in any situation. You will also be aware that you are part of the world you are in and not dominated by the need to protect your own ego.

Find some time every day to examine your own actions and try to understand why you took them and the mental processes that led you to take them.

Spiritual awareness

The highest level of awareness is on the spiritual plane where you start to understand how you are part of an interconnected awareness. You can do this in many ways. Conventional religions, spiritual practices and meditation are all ways to raise your awareness of the spiritual side of your nature.

There are many aspects to awareness, we have touched on a few of the major ones in this article. The journey of personal growth and development is a journey of increasing awareness of yourself and the world around you. As you become more aware, you will find that you also become more able to deal with increasingly challenging situations. Simply acquiring more awareness is enough to bring about significant change in your life. Make a point of spending time quietly with yourself every day, focusing on your awareness and how you can improve it.

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