Personal Development Tips That Will Help You Live Life Fully

1. Tip # 1 Be yourself: Yes, the messy, imperfect, crazy, wild, honest, beautiful, zany, marvelous, delicious self. Embrace your flaws, shortcomings, and shadows. When you are the truest expression of yourself and you stop resisting, blaming, hiding you can address the areas that need some improving, refinement and work. Without the attachment of judgment and guilt. Be the best version of yourself. You are not to seek perfection because that is an illusion. It is more important to be whole and healed instead of perfect.

When you give yourself permission to be who you really are and shine with authentic power and boldness. You let others see and meet the real you. Never pretend to be something or someone you are not. If you do that! You shrink and your light starts to dim. Never dumb yourself down so others don’t’ feel threaten by your light. Instead shine your light bright and lead the way so others feel empowered to do the same.

2. Tip # 2 Speak Kindly: Our world has become very harsh, brutal with its words its in our Music, TV programs and so on. We need an intervention of kindness. We need to come back to kindness, compassion, patients. When we become more conscious of ourselves and realize that we are all connected on the planet. Then we can heal our planet and each other. Every word we speak, every thought we think and every action we take has an equal reaction. We need to surrender to kindness and love. We need a renewing of our mind and our language and the way we interact with others. We need to challenge ourselves to speak, act and react more thoughtful, kindly, softly, and gently.

Be slow to speak and quick to listen. I challenge you to go a whole day without speaking. If you must speak write a note. When we listen more we will become more conscious of words, tones and our action. We have more opportunities in life when we live from a conscious state of living. When you are kind, loving and thoughtful of others the universe will be more kind, loving and thoughtful to you. Our external reality is only a mirror reflection of our internal state of mind. If you long for more peace, love and kindness in your life then be more loving, kind and peaceful with everyone you meet.

3. Tip # 3 Love People: This one is epic and the most challenging. It’s easy to love those that love us back and treat us right. Yet what about those who don’t? Can you still love them? It’s not easy at times. In fact it’s down right hard work. I am not sure any of us have mastered it completely. Yet it is defiantly obtainable goal. My life study in this area has proven to me it is possible. I have seen glimpses of unconditional love in my life and in the life of my clients, friends and family. To love someone unconditional without expectations, attachment is vital. However, it’s a daily work. You have to daily choose to love instead of hate, hold grudges and resentments. Love starts with your thoughts and moves into your heart and emotions and becomes part of your character. We constantly have to choose love over fear. For example, instead of rushing to judgment against someone learn to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Instead of holding on to resentment try forgiving them. Some people are afraid to forgive because they think they will have to allow the person who has broken trust back into their life. Forgiveness is simply releasing the past and the hope that the past could have been any different. It sets you free to be all that God would have you be. It’s not a permission slip for anyone to mistreat you or abuse you. When you forgive someone you are opening yourself to love. Some people in your life or in your past will have to be loved from a distance or left in the past. Never be afraid to forgive. Love is a choice and we must choose it daily.

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