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Personal Development Goals – Are You There Yet?


When you think about what you want to achieve in your life you may like to review your personal development goals and assess if you are moving towards them. If you feel that there is still lots to work towards, then that is a good state to be in because if you no longer have something to aim for then ...

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Effective Personal Development Goal Strategies


In personal development goals are viewed as being very important in your self improvement. By setting a goal, personal development or otherwise, you have already achieved much! Did you know that there is a scientific formula that states if you put in 15% of the ground work then 80% of the task will take care of itself – due to ...

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I Can Now Craft My Own Personal Development Plan


When we plan a trip we use maps to show us how to get there – when we decide we want to “arrive” at a better, life, then, what better way can we use to get ourselves “there” than a personal development plan? one that says, “I can now” and then we fill in our blank. Gordon and I believe ...

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