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Your Unique Personal Development Plan


What is your personal development plan? Are you becoming a better person everyday? These are simple, but often difficult questions to answer. Most people have not picked up a non-fiction book since graduating from either high school or college. If you are asking yourself: What is a non-fiction book well you better keep reading because you need a personal development ...

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Personal Development Planning – Steps to Do


Personal development planning is a pre-requisite to personal growth, which will change you in a better way. Like any other project, you have to plan in advance what you want to achieve as part of personal development and how are you going to do it yourself. For career growth, emotional maturity, and dealing with tough times, you need to improve ...

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Leadership – 5 Benefits of Personal Development Planning


The best leaders know that they need to keep developing and growing in order to fulfil their true potential. In the current economic climate, where there are more and more demands on leaders to take and implement tough decisions, the need for personal development planning is probably even more important than ever. So what are the 5 key benefits of ...

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