The Role of Auto Suggestion in a Personal Development Plan

Gearing towards the development of self is a worthwhile endeavor. In times past, this goal is one that a person embarks on by himself. It was a lonely undertaking that was deemed too personal to be given much importance in the public arena. Today, there has been a shift in perspectives.

People are now looking inward towards self improvement. This is now one of the most popular topics around. The self-help book is a new trend with publishing houses. Well known authors have written about the personal development plan and how to go about it. Public lectures about this hot topic can be attended. There are even workshops teaching personal development tools.

This includes the setting of personal goals, visualizing the ends, the technique of auto-suggestion, planning the steps to reach the goal, how to effectively manage one’s time, and then how to measure and assess one’s own progress. If one is seeking to master his inner self and achieve his goals, these are the tools that can be used and followed. These and more personal development tools are taught and then mastered. In this day and age, no one has to flounder in loneliness and uncertainty in the momentous effort of self transformation.

One of the most interesting personal development tools that is being taught in these lectures and workshops and written about in the self help book is the method of auto-suggestion. The principle of mind over matter is used to great effect here. In auto suggestion, a person’s own subconscious mind is trained by drills, repetition, and a form of self hypnosis. The goal is self improvement. It is an effective tool for conquering fears, for increasing self confidence, for eradicating certain unhealthy habits, and even for curing sicknesses.

A personal development plan requires one to choose a goal, and then to use this and other techniques to achieve that goal. Aside from the situations already mentioned where auto suggestion has been found to be effective, the technique could also be used for this era’s most popular personal development goals. These can be divided into 3 concerns:

* material

* emotional

* spiritual

Material goals for self improvement pertain to the “how to get rich and attract more money” theme, while emotional goals aim for the “how to attain happiness, be more popular, and have more friends” kind of topics. Spiritual personal development goals include the “how to achieve inner peace” and “how to be enlightened” themes.

Nowadays, people have been discovering that all these seemingly private pursuits can in fact bring positive changes to the physical world. It is only quite recently that the power of the mind has been given much attention. It is only quite recently that the connection between the spiritual and the material has been bridged. This is most apparent when we look at the techniques being used and taught in the pursuit of the goals of the personal development plan. Specifically, these are the techniques of creative visualization, auto suggestion, and self affirmation.

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