7 Self-Reflection Questions for Personal Development Goals

We all have a dream that we want to experience but it can remain hidden without asking ourselves some self-reflection questions. If you are staring at your computer screen thinking to yourself “I don’t have a dream or what questions” do not worry. We will go over some great questions in order to help you with your personal development goals.

1. What one personal development goal if achieved tomorrow would give you the greatest feeling of success?

By discovering which goal is most important to us we can better focus our energy and time on what means the most to us. This does not mean we sacrifice the rest of life to get that goal but by being clear on what is most important to us we make better decisions. If you do not find the answer to this question your life goals will not align with your true purpose. Your intentions will not attract the individuals and circumstances needed to make your dreams come true.

2. Are these your goals or someone else’s?

Are you living into what you believe is a predetermined future for yourself? If your parents, grandparents and siblings are all lawyers do you feel obligated to be the same even though you dislike the profession?

You are not anyone but who you are and you need to determine your goals based on that fact in order to live your dream life. A life lived through others expectations, is a life that is filled with regret and what could have been.

You do not have to feel selfish for pursuing your own dreams and not the dreams others have for you. You have the right to listen to your heart and follow what you believe is your destiny.

3. Are you passionate about your vision of life?

If you are not waking up excited to live the day then chances are you do not have personal development goals that you are passionate about. People who are passionate about their lives do not want to go to bed at night because they love being awake. They live such fulfilling lives that they cannot wait to wake up and do it again.

If you just can’t wait until its bedtime so you can finally end the day you need to identify what you are passionate about. What could you wake up to tomorrow that would make you throw off the covers and practically run out the door? Your real goals will give you energy you never knew existed.

4. Do you understand what success feels like?

Success has a million different definitions and every one of those only applies to the person who is saying it. Success is a feeling we get inside and not our materialistic belongings.

Take time to reflect on what you consider to be past successes. Do not think of the achievement you got in terms of tangible rewards but try to express how you felt in that situation. Was it exhilarating and mind-blowing or were you just slightly happy.
Real goals make you feel like you are on top of the world. Internet marketers always say that their first $100 online is more memorable than their next $100,000. The reason is because that $100 made them feel true success inside. They actually did what they set out to do and it matched what they wanted it to feel like.

Spend the time needed to determine your definition of success. What will life look like, who will you be and what will it take to get there. Most importantly what do you expect to feel when you arrive at your dream destination?

5. What are the daily habits you can create to achieve your goals?

Successful people have successful habits. They didn’t just stumble upon those habits but through taking one step each day towards their personal development goals they developed them. By setting up daily routines that push you towards your goals you can create habits.

Most habits are always on autopilot which puts your success on autopilot. If you were in the habit of exercising 30 minutes every day in some form or another I am guessing you would be in fairly good shape. At first you may have to force yourself to go but before long you would wake up and consider doing nothing but go exercise.

This applies to every goal you have. Set up a plan on how to take small daily steps, they turn into habits and before you know it your goal is accomplished.

6. Are you telling yourself: “I can’t achieve these goals?

Most people don’t believe they can actually achieve the goals they set. They do a good job of writing their goals and planning the steps they need to take but the whole time they tell themselves inside that it won’t happen. So it doesn’t.

If your belief system is telling you to forget it this isn’t going to happen you will need to discover where those beliefs come from. Maybe you don’t believe following your passion will pay the bills or that you can’t be rich because your parents are poor. You could have been hurt by someone so you believe you can’t be loved. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a positive self-belief system.

You can, you will and you deserve to be.

7. Are you afraid of success?

You thought fear of failure was bad. Can you imagine the fact that some people are more afraid of being successful then failing? If they never get to be successful they can blame their failures but when they achieve success they only see one way to go and that is down.

Instead of going after their goals fully they essentially self-sabotage themselves by creating situations where they get fired, make people mad at them or anything that would give them an excuse as to why success wasn’t possible. Then they are like “Whew, I almost became more than I already am, dodged that bullet.”

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