How to Set Personal Development Goals

Personal development is the secret for achieving peak productivity and maximum success. Your attitudes influence your behaviors, which will determine what you get out of life. Setting big personal development goals to become something greater than you currently are, is a smart way to shape your destiny. In this article I will give you a practical step by step guide on how to set personal development goals today.

In order to find the perfect goal, you need to brainstorm. This is very easy to do. Take out some sheets of paper, and a pen. I’m going to ask a simple question. What personal characteristics would you like to have if you knew there was nothing stopping you from possessing them?

Go! Write for five minutes, at the very least, and don’t censor yourself. Don’t question your capability of achieving what you want, or how you will get it, just discover what you truly want in life, as far as personal development is related.

The goal here is to find exactly what you want, so you’ll be inspired to unleash the power you hold within yourself to achieve that goal. For now, write like crazy!

If you get stuck, start asking yourself questions about personal development. What would you like to learn in your life? Are there any skills you want to master, or any character traits you want to develop? Maybe you want to become a world-famous chef, a kung fu master, or maybe possess a character trait like patience.

Do you have any fears that are holding back, that you’d like to conquer? Would you like to take a year and study different spiritual pursuits, or become a world-famous ballroom dancer? Don’t think, just write whatever comes to your mind.

After five minutes, if you still come up with ideas, keep writing. Write until you can’t think of any more ideas, and five minutes or more have passed. When you’re finished, but your pen down. It’s time to go over the list.

Most of these goals on this list should get you excited. Go through each one, and set a time line for achieving that goal. Go through every single one, and don’t worry about how you’re going to accomplish these goals. Just put a time frame on each one, to operate within.

By setting a time line, you’ll set your conscious and unconscious mind into motion to figure out how to make that goal become real.

After you set a time line for each goal, I want to go back and locate all the goals with a one-year time frame. Go through each of these, and pick the one that gives you the most amount of excitement, and will make you feel the most fulfilled if you achieved it.

Finally, take some time to write exactly why you’re absolutely dedicated to making this goal a reality in the next year. This will give you leverage to actually take the steps to achieve your goal after you’ve set it.

Now, give your goal the final test. Has it excited you so much that you want to take some actual action step on it? To start moving toward your goal immediately? If not, you either set the wrong goal, or didn’t create reasons that were compelling enough.

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