Life Coaching Or Personal Development Business Opportunity? Which is the Best Way to Go?

Decisions, decisions! There are so many choices around at the moment. So you know you have a passion to help others but you’re not quite sure which way to turn.

Life coaching is becoming a much more recognized profession as we march through the 21st century but we also now see the rise in personal development business opportunities. These offer you more in the way of personal development for yourself in addition to the opportunity to help others plus some pretty lucrative compensation plans on offer.

From my experience I would say the best way to separate the two is as follows:

1) Life Coaching ~ The key is to assist others to make a positive change in life surrounding any difficult situations. To talk it through to offer advise and support to help them make a positive change.

2) Personal Development Business Opportunity / Mentorship ~ The key is to assist a niche market of people who want to make a positive change in life by a) undergoing their own personal development journey b) creating both personal and financial freedom c) in turn helping others do the same.

It really does come down to personal choice. Option one being the more traditional route, moving onto option two giving you a new perspective on ways to effect positive change in the world.

Many people seek out life coaches because they feel there is something in their life which needs fixing. A high percentage of the reasons behind this boil down to such things as money, job difficulties, relationships and lifestyle.

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