Personal Development Skills – Five Ways to Turn Around a Negative Attitude

You may have heard that a person’s attitude the key to their success. However, do you sometimes find that your attitude is difficult to control? Are you looking for some quick and effective ways to transform hopelessness, doubt and fear into the winner’s edge? Personal development skills should be part of every person’s effectiveness toolbox. If you are ready to make this shift happen today, here are five effective ways to change your emotional state immediately so that you can take action on your goals and realize your dreams.

First, you have to interrupt the negative emotion before you can create a positive one. If you are trying to go directly from depressed to determined, then you are fighting much too hard and wasting a lot of energy doing it. First, you have to do something to completely interrupt your negative state. The best way to do this is with humour or surprise. Do something silly. Bark like a dog, scream, do cartwheels, whatever. Break the pattern and your current line of thinking.
The second thing you have to do is redirect your focus to your goals. Obstacles are the things that you see when you take your eyes off your goal, and at their root you’ll always find fear and doubt. If you direct your attention toward your goals and what you want to create, you leave much less room for your attention to stray to other things. You can do this by visualizing yourself in the place you want to be in the future, and holding onto that image until it solidifies. Create the sensations of literally having it now, as if it has already come true. Otherwise it will continue to stay in the future. This shifts your focus, and changes your state.
The third thing you can do is to get physical by going for a run or a brisk walk, or even lifting weights or dancing. The emotions have a lot to do with our nervous system and how we’re using our physiology, and a thinking change alone is not going to make the interruption you need to put a stop to negative emotion. Instead, get your body involved in something that is motivating and constructive, and that challenges it to redirect its vibration.
The fourth thing, and probably one of the most powerful ways to break negative thinking patterns, is gratitude. This will get you thinking about the good things you have experienced already and are experiencing right now, and it will remind you that there is surely more good to come. Make a list of the things you can be thankful for. As you write them down, you will find yourself thinking of more and more that you can be grateful for. This rapidly shifts your state from fear and doubt, to gratitude and optimism.
The fifth thing you can do is to redirect your negative emotions toward achieving something you really want. Are you angry? Take that anger as a sign that you never want to feel that way again, and attack the source of the anger by taking action to change things. Literally use the energy that is anger giving you. If you are broke and depressed, get mad and frustrated and start using that energy to work on a plan to get yourself in a better place. Many times emotions we regard as “negative” can be used as a pivot point to shift into doing great things.

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