Personal Development Skills: How To Use Self-Motivation Strategies

As hard as it is to get motivated, it is harder still to stay motivated. That’s why self-motivation strategies are an essential part of personal development skills. We have all experienced that sudden rush of blood to the head when we decided to throw ourselves into a project: it might have been to break some old habits or to learn a new skill.

It is such an empowering feeling to finally take control and deal with an issue that has been nagging at us for a long time. It’s when that excitement and passion we first felt starts to wane, and the hard work sets in, we need self-motivation strategies to strengthen our resolve.

Focus On Your Goals

You need a constant reminder of what you are trying to achieve and why. The reason you want to change is because you did not like some part of your life. You would have mental images of yourself doing the things you did not really want to do. When you thought about changing, these images would have been replaced by ones that showed you as you would like to be. You need to keep these new positive images uppermost in your mind. When your enthusiasm starts to wane these new images will sustain you.

It does not matter how you do this. You can carry a reminder with you – a picture or an object. It could be as simple as sticking a note on your bathroom mirror or on your computer at work. There are any number of screen savers and wallpapers you can use to give you graphic images or text reminders of your goal. It can be text moving across your screen. It really does not matter, as long as it consistently reminds you of your goals.

Avoid Negativity

Stay away from people who are going to pull you down. You are really the only one who cares about your dreams. Do not share them with people who are unsupportive or who do not believe you can change. There will be plenty of times you will have some self-doubt; you do not need someone else to put those doubts into words. This applies to places and things: some of these belong to the old you, the person you want to change. This can be painful, as you may have to break with some people or change some long-held habit.

Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself and what you can do. There are times when you will doubt yourself. You will wonder if you can really achieve your goal. You can counter this with positive thinking by reminding yourself of some of your past successes. You are stronger than you think.

As you need to stay away from negativity, so you need to embrace positive thinking. Surround yourself with positive people and positive things. Read inspirational books, particularly ones about successful people. Most of them have had to struggle with self-doubt and adversity before they broke though those barriers to achieve success.

Feed your mind with good, positive, constructive thoughts so it can stay strong and ward off any defeatist thoughts of self-doubt that will tempt you to give up. Find and use whatever self-motivation strategies work for you that will keep you true to your personal development plans. All the effort will be rewarded when you finally reach your goals.

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