Personal Development Training – Getting Yourself a Coach

Part of most personal development training programs is getting a coach or a mentor. Now perhaps you’re wondering whether this is really important or not. Well, there are several reasons as to why it makes sense for someone to get a coach, but first it is useful know what a mentor or coach really is.

You cannot just pick anyone to be your mentor. Ideally, a mentor is someone who has had more experiences than you, and it is important that this person knows you at some kind of personal level. In other words, if you are to get a coach, it is important that he is somehow able to watch you from a distance. You see, a mentor is a guide, and this guide is supposed to know things about your life. Like the coach of teams in sports, mentors too should be able to monitor the success of those they are guiding and be able to evaluate their performance. Nevertheless, a coach or mentor should be knowledgeable, available, accessible, competent and willing to guide.

Here are some advantages of getting a coach:

1. Faster learning. A person who has a coach does not have to go through making the mistakes his or her coach made in the past. The coach could also serve as your handy encyclopedia or reference, since he or she could provide information from his/her own experiences.
2. Stronger motivation. A suitable coach will surely have a lot of stories to tell, and he or she will become an inspiration. Having someone to look up to and someone to talk to would make goals more realistic and will help you discover more about yourself.
3. Focus. Having a coach will help you stay on track. At times when you find yourself being distracted or even disheartened, your coach would serve both as your conscience and source of courage.

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