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Personal Development Training – Getting Yourself a Coach


Part of most personal development training programs is getting a coach or a mentor. Now perhaps you’re wondering whether this is really important or not. Well, there are several reasons as to why it makes sense for someone to get a coach, but first it is useful know what a mentor or coach really is. You cannot just pick anyone ...

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The 7 Most Important Personal Development Skills


Personal development skills are about conscious change of self. Change happens to all of us and most of it happens unconsciously. However if you are a bit like me you would like to be in charge of your own life and how it develops, would you not? Personal development skills need to be performed with mindfulness and presence in order ...

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Professional and Personal Development Skills Go Hand in Hand


Ever gone to one of those business opportunity hotel meetings and felt as though you were at a church revival? Listening to one testimonial after another; wondering how was this suppose to help your home business? I considered these as rah rah meetings. I don’t have time to listen to everyone saying how this industry had cultivated their professional and ...

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How to Develop Personal Development Skills


It is quite undeniable that the word contentment exists in any dictionaries. However, it does not exist in real life. This may sound to be an absurd notion but this is really true. This is due to the fact that as a human being, you should continuously strive to be a better person for your own sake and to be ...

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