The Key Strategy to Making Your Personal Development Goals Happen

Personal development is the art and science of growing as a person and making things happen. There are some simple techniques that can make all of your goals start to become a reality. A journal is a simple, low cost tool for achieving your personal development goals. Whether you journal, daily or less frequently, this technique can have powerful implications in helping you change your life.

The act of writing down your goals – and what happens as you try to achieve them will help bring them to life – and commit you to them. Sure, you can sit there and mentally make goals, but there is an old saying, “The faintest ink lasts longer than the strongest memory.” The act of writing your goals down – sometimes repeatedly – truly affirms them and gets them in your head.

Use these tips to get your personal development journal goals going.

Write passionately and freely. This isn’t a school assignment. Let the ideas flow from brain to page. Don’t dwell on anything too long. Don’t say that’s not possible, or I can’t do that. Let your goals and your thoughts just leap out of your head and onto your paper. Here’s another tip: Set a time limit and write without pausing. Use a kitchen timer and just write – even if it feels like nonsense – until the buzzer rings
Write consistently – You may not think you’re an everyday writer, but formulating some sort of routine about your writing will make it more likely to happen. When you write regularly, you will find that you have greater consistency in achieving your goals.
Set goals and reflect on them – Write down your top personal development goals when you begin your journaling experience. Reflect on them often to track your progression.
Force Yourself to be Honest – this journal is yours and yours alone so you can be honest. Share your secrets, desires and dreams, even the ones you have shared with no one else. Getting them off your chest will unburden you. Use your journal as a sounding board for even your craziest ideas.
Don’t Spare Yourself the Tough Questions – Self-reflection is an important aspect of personal development and your journal can help in the reflection process. Ask yourself questions about where you are in life and where you want to be so you can brainstorm the necessary steps to get there.
Review Yourself – Go back over your personal development goals in your journal on a regular basis. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much progress you have made or how some of the bigger problems, seem on reflection, like no big deal at all.
Simply putting your thoughts down on paper will help you achieve your dreams and personal development goals faster than you ever thought possible. Keep your journal handy and use it whenever you need to gain focus, re-center yourself or need to pay attention to what really matters in life.

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